Artificial Neural Networks – The Nervous System of the Next-Generation

Ever since mankind started roaming on earth, evolution has taken place at an accelerated pace. With the countless dangers and obstacles along this journey, ‘survival of the fittest’ has been a concept that chaperoned this march towards the present urbanization. So what exactly kept us safe through all these years? It wouldn’t be wrong to say food and water. But behind all that craziness, lies the brains of the entire concept, I mean literally: the BRAIN.
Who taught you to retreat your palm when it touches something hot? The brain. Who stops you from repeating the same mistake the next time? Your brain. This paradox displays the ability of the brain to adapt to new inputs. In other words, sensory data. Hold on… I don’t intend on rerouting this into an anatomy lesson but it’s worth a shot understanding how you train your brain to respond to future events as that is exactly what an Artificial Neural Network (ANN), or so often referred to as merely the Neural Network, is all about. 

The An…