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OSGi Framework

After a long lapse, I thought of reverting to a general, yet, in-vogue-theory elucidation. This post will be skimming through the OSGi Framework and its basic layout.
The OSGi (Open Services Gateway initiative) framework offers a dynamic modular architecture which has been used in many applications such as Eclipse Equinox, Apache Felix, etc. Contemplating OSGi framework’s back-end functionalities aids in developing Eclipse plugins and similar atomic programs.
OSGi framework architecture comprises 3 theoretical layers. Each layer is reliant on the layer(s) underneath it. The figure below shows the outline of each layer.
Service LayerModule LayerLifecycle layer Service Layer This is the layer that fulfills a service request from a client who is the requester. The service requester/client will request a service from the service provider, who publishes the service if it is available.
This resembles and functions in a manner similar to a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) which is extensiv…