Event Planner Development

For my 3rd year 1st semester at SLIIT, I've been allocated the task of developing an Event Planner for a client according to their requirements. Me and my team mates, have been gathering requirements from the client for 7 days and we've finalized the technological aspects of the system and started implementing the Interfaces.

  • Language: PHP
  • Framework : CodeIgniter
  • Architecture : MVC
  • Database : MySQL
  • IDE : JetBrains PhpStorm

CodeIgniter was chosen over Laravel as a result of its desirable feature of having a very small footprint. Also CodeIgniter's set-up and installation procedures seemed to be facile in comparison to that of Laravel's. CodeIgniter also proved to effortlessly induce a faster learning curve than that of other frameworks. But, this is merely my personal opinion.

Though there are contradictions in the system development world regarding these two, such as, CodeIgniter being outdated and not using the CLI, considering the expendable time frame and scalability, we thought that going in for CodeIgniter will be an ideal choice.

Being a first time user of the MVC architecture, I have already developed high regards for the flexibility and clarity amplified by the MVC separation of Models, views and Controllers. I believe that this differentiation will aid me in confining my codes and interfaces so that I don't get them mixed up as the project gets crammed with pages and components.  

I have currently developed a few pages including the Gallery, Reviews, Contact Us and the User Dashboard. Since we haven't implemented the connectivity to the database, a few functionalities have been put on stand still. These functionalities need to be realized before the first iteration and the entire system needs to be actualized for the second iteration.

The successful integration of all the pages as well as creating the database connectivity and the input and retrieval of data will be a tedious and challenging task. But, I'm actually looking forward to it. 


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